Jacoby was poor and an artist.  He had come to discover that all the most successful artists could afford to be failures.  Of course by the time he did find that out there was no turning back.

Everyone said Jacoby had ‘his head in the clouds’, especially driving instructors, careers advisors, and old men who drank too much – they were always the worst.  Jacoby would always spit that they head their ‘head in the gutter’.  They would shake their heads and call him a ‘funny lad’.  Then Jacoby would fume: he didn’t want a dishwasher, he had a thing against them.  A puppy dog would be nice but he could do without a wife.  As for kids and a people carrier?  Ra Ra Rasputin no way!

Jacoby climbed up the roof, pulled down a cloud, and stuck his head in it.  Then he walked around town bumping into everyone just to get the message across: Jacoby wasn’t changing, no siree!


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