Bury the Castle


Dream of the Storyteller

First the city, then the towns and now the entire Kingdom was talking about the arrival of the strange old man.  Some said he was an evil wizard in disguise, an agent of the Shadow.  Others said he was a wandering spirit trapped inside those old bones, accounting for the humans unnatural years.  For some the Storyteller was a joke, a charlatan, for others a sign of hope, while for yet others he was a prophecy of doom.

The Storyteller of course knew all this.  He had very good ears.  He heard the whispers in the air, and could only agree.  He sat on his four poster bed in the tallest darkest tower and wondered.  He didn’t know if he was evil or good.  He didn’t know if his stories would save Fairy or destroy it.  It wasn’t as if he even chose what stories to tell… no, they came from somewhere else.  Storytelling was all the old man understood.  He’d left Hollywood as a down-on-his-luck script writer oh so long ago, and wandered the Earth, eventually stumbling into the worlds beyond.  He was a walking talking cliché, that much he knew.

But he was also a force to be reckoned with.  The Storyteller had been fighting the Shadow for a long long time, across seas, and continents and realms.  It wasn’t that he hated it.  He couldn’t even say for sure if its cold rationality was completely wrong, or if it did indeed represent the future.  The fact was he represented the imagination, the unpredictable, and it represented something quite different.  It was only natural that each would seek to extinguish the other.

The Storyteller lay back on the bed, and hummed his ancient tune.  Shadows spread.  The room became darker.  That was when he started dreaming.  He ascended white marble steps on a blood red carpet.  Eventually he reached a glistening throne, where a dark imperceptible mass moved.  It observed him, communicating something beyond language.  Then it split into four beings – women, a clown, an angel and a phantom – before disappearing.  The Storyteller awoke.

Although there was no one in the room, he could feel that he was on longer alone.