Shadow Space

Katy saw the shadows.  Gremlins, ghouls, dark castles and eyes.  Universe stapled onto universe, dreams flittering across buildings and the streets.  Signs, ephemeral art work from some sixth place, a strange creeping window into spaceless space.  What was she seeing? Did these shadow glimpses occupy her time now, or were they from somewhere else?

Were watching her?


Demons Plural

Ezekiel had demons.  Not the ‘how come nobody likes me’ kind, or the ‘why don’t I ever get picked for the sports team’ kind.  No.  These were real demons – a whole hoard of em’.  Demons plural, if you will.  They had voices.  They had teeth.

It didn’t matter how much Ezekiel prayed.  It didn’t matter how much good he did.  The demons never went away.  They’d sit there smoking a pipe on his shoulder.  He’d wake up to see one lying next to him in bed.  What’s more they were ugly… with decaying flesh and everything.

So what did old Ezekiel do?  How do you beat demons?

You don’t. Instead, you listen to them.  It took Ezekiel a while to figure that one out.  After that, they went away soon enough.  A couple even became Angels.

Locked Door

Martin the baby-sitter was about to fall asleep.  He’d spent the last 10 minutes thinking about whether to get up and lock the apartment door.  It was one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.  Nothing ever happed.  Still, he got up with a groan, and locked it anyway.  Then he checked on the baby, and fell asleep on the couch.

That night a murderer entered the building:  a giant shadow, a phantom.  No one had ever seen his face.  He tried the doors on the first floor.  But they were locked.  The same was true of the second.  Then he reached the third.

As Martin slept, the door-knob to the apartment turned.  But the shadow couldn’t get inside.  He moved further up the building, with evil in his heart.

Katy And the Barn

The hurricane had come, and it was swallowing everything up… the trees, and houses, the grownups eating at the table, the kids on their tricycles, the people praying in Church.  Katy ran towards the old scary  barn as the sky and ground disappeared behind her.  She leapt at the very last moment, and the great old rusty doors slammed behind her.  Outside, the hurricane howled.  It was dark and musty inside.  She climbed up a ladder, and looked through a window.  There was no wind.  There were no stars.  Katy and the barn were the only things left.  They sat there, in the blackness: at least they had each other.

Katy and the Light

Katy stood in black nothingness.  She couldn’t even see herself.  For all she knew, she was just another part of the dark.  ‘Make a wish, create something’, said a voice from nowhere.

So she had a little think.

‘Let there be light’, she said.  And so the Sun formed, and the Universe was bathed in light.  ‘I’ve become the creator of world’s’, the little girl thought to herself.  But then something else appeared – darkness, and shadow.

‘Erm, what’s that’ asked the little girl, more than a little irritated.

‘You can’t have the light without darkness’, replied the voice.  Katy stamped her foot against a star.  That made things a lot more complicated.