Bury the Castle


Love Mirage

Strapped for cash, job a joke, you can’t afford the gym, or a nice new coat.  So she play’s with you.  So she toy’s with you, because she knows that when she smiles… it all’s okay, and that you’d be lost if she went away.

Sooner or later, she goes away.

And so you figure, why hit the highs to fall so low?  Better to live by the grey than to risk Love’s Mirage.


Jacoby was poor and an artist.  He had come to discover that all the most successful artists could afford to be failures.  Of course by the time he did find that out there was no turning back.

Everyone said Jacoby had ‘his head in the clouds’, especially driving instructors, careers advisors, and old men who drank too much – they were always the worst.  Jacoby would always spit that they head their ‘head in the gutter’.  They would shake their heads and call him a ‘funny lad’.  Then Jacoby would fume: he didn’t want a dishwasher, he had a thing against them.  A puppy dog would be nice but he could do without a wife.  As for kids and a people carrier?  Ra Ra Rasputin no way!

Jacoby climbed up the roof, pulled down a cloud, and stuck his head in it.  Then he walked around town bumping into everyone just to get the message across: Jacoby wasn’t changing, no siree!

Katy And the Barn

The hurricane had come, and it was swallowing everything up… the trees, and houses, the grownups eating at the table, the kids on their tricycles, the people praying in Church.  Katy ran towards the old scary  barn as the sky and ground disappeared behind her.  She leapt at the very last moment, and the great old rusty doors slammed behind her.  Outside, the hurricane howled.  It was dark and musty inside.  She climbed up a ladder, and looked through a window.  There was no wind.  There were no stars.  Katy and the barn were the only things left.  They sat there, in the blackness: at least they had each other.

Where the Wild Things Are

This looks great…

Katy and the Light

Katy stood in black nothingness.  She couldn’t even see herself.  For all she knew, she was just another part of the dark.  ‘Make a wish, create something’, said a voice from nowhere.

So she had a little think.

‘Let there be light’, she said.  And so the Sun formed, and the Universe was bathed in light.  ‘I’ve become the creator of world’s’, the little girl thought to herself.  But then something else appeared – darkness, and shadow.

‘Erm, what’s that’ asked the little girl, more than a little irritated.

‘You can’t have the light without darkness’, replied the voice.  Katy stamped her foot against a star.  That made things a lot more complicated.

Grandpa’s Dentures

Grandpa had lost his dentures.  Again.  Grandma went to look for them.  She looked everywhere; under the bed, in the cellar, by the television, in the sink, even in the dog basket.

Finally, she gave up and went back to bed.  Then she had a thought.  ‘You didn’t leave them in the fridge did you?’

‘Don’t be ridiciwilous’, mouthed Grandpa.  ‘They’d eat all the foowd’.