Growing Up

Brittney was growing up.  That’s why she was packing her dolls away.  She was twelve years old, and all the other girls were interested in clothes, and TV, and boys.  That’s why they always made fun of her – because Brittney still watched Disney, and played dress-up, and wasn’t even sure she wanted to grow up.  It was scary.  But things had to change – or she did, just because people don’t like it when someone is different… especially when that someone is a girl.

Brittney sat alone in her room, and put all her toys, and dolls and board-games into a very big cardboard box.  She loved the reds, and yellow’s and green’s of her toys.  They looked so unloved and unhappy just lying there in the shadow of the box, instead of scattered around her room.

Brittney closed the lid, with a sigh, and sat on her bed.  She’d need to put posters of pop stars on her walls; she’d need to start reading girly magazines, and watching more TV.  She looked at the great big box in the middle of the room, and felt very very sad.

‘I won’t throw it away’, she thought to herself.  ‘Instead, I’ll find somewhere to hide it.  Somewhere no one will look’.

Brittney was a smart girl.