Demons Plural

Ezekiel had demons.  Not the ‘how come nobody likes me’ kind, or the ‘why don’t I ever get picked for the sports team’ kind.  No.  These were real demons – a whole hoard of em’.  Demons plural, if you will.  They had voices.  They had teeth.

It didn’t matter how much Ezekiel prayed.  It didn’t matter how much good he did.  The demons never went away.  They’d sit there smoking a pipe on his shoulder.  He’d wake up to see one lying next to him in bed.  What’s more they were ugly… with decaying flesh and everything.

So what did old Ezekiel do?  How do you beat demons?

You don’t. Instead, you listen to them.  It took Ezekiel a while to figure that one out.  After that, they went away soon enough.  A couple even became Angels.